Current Changes as of September 14, 2020:

Due to a current increase in occupancy by the Bishop's recommendations: 

  • the 9:30a.m. service will have a limit of 75 people.

  • the sanctuary balcony will be opened, utilizing all but the very back pew

  • sign-up for 9:30a.m. worship will be suspended due to the higher capacity

  • The Kentland service will have no limit and will remain outdoors.

  • In the case of inclement weather, the Kentland service will be cancelled.

Please note due to the earlier sunset times, the Kentland service will continue to move times. Beginning October 11 we will gather at 5:30p.m.

Reopening Guidelines for in-person Worship

(approved July 13, 2020)

Worship Opportunities as of September 14, 2020:

  1. Saturday at 6pm in the Chapel - a service of quiet music. Limit: 25. Sign-up Required.

  2. Sunday at 9:30am in the Sanctuary/Nave. With special music. Current Limit:75. Also live-streamed.

  3. Drive-by Communion will be offered for an hour following live stream worship (until 11:30a.m.). If you worship via livestream, you can depart your home after worship and drive over for communion in your vehicle.

  4. Sunday at 6:00p.m. at Kentland. Outdoor, with a small band. In the event of rain, the service will be cancelled.

  5. Thursday at 12 Noon around the Parking Lot Awning. Brief Order for Holy Communion (short service with Scripture, Prayer, & Holy Communion; about 20 minutes). No music. 


All in-person services, whether indoor or outdoor, will require a mask and social distancing. No congregational singing is permitted at any in-person worship service.


Holy Communion will be offered at all services. At every service, you are welcome to bring your own elements (bread and wine or bread and grape juice) and a pastor's blessing will extend from the worship table to your elements. We will also provide cleanly prepared elements if you prefer to receive communion this way.  The communion portion of worship will take place at the end of worship at all services, should those who gather not wish to partake during this time.  


Please Sign-Up for worship services with a current limitThe other opportunities will not require a sign up. You can sign up directly online or by calling Wendy in the church office.

RSVP: Saturday Chapel Service

How are we caring for your health & safety?

  • We are obtaining products to efficiently clean larger areas, such as the sanctuary and social hall.

  • We are using different spaces for different worship services.

  • We have closed rooms that cannot be easily cleaned or do not allow for social distancing, such as the library and nursery.

  • We are concentrating cleaning efforts on the two accessible restrooms across from the elevators. Other restrooms are not in use.

  • We are discouraging lingering in hallways and in the narthexes; catch up with others via phone or outside 6' apart.

  • Everyone entering the facility must sign into a contact tracing log, including for worship.

  • Everyone entering the facility or attending a worship service or church-event (even outside) must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth.

  • High-touch items, such as hymnals and pew pads, have been removed.

  • No congregational singing is permitted since singing is a "super-spreader" activity of aerosolized particles. Those cantoring or performing special music are positioned 26' or more away from congregants during worship. This means in the sanctuary the first 5 pews are not available for seating.

  • The offering will not be passed and the peace will not be shared among congregants during worship. Leave your offering in the plate as you exit; or use the 3 ways to give made familiar to you during the shut down.

  • Holy Communion will be offered in a variety of ways to increase safety and comfort level. At this time, you are also permitted to refrain from partaking in the sacrament if your concerns and/or underlying conditions are great.

  • Home communions on your porch can also be arranged with a pastor.

  • As a reminder, please do not attend worship if you are feeling ill, or have been exposed recently to someone with Covid-19.

Important Disclaimer:

While every effort will be made to protect persons entering Grace facilities and/or participating in Grace sponsored events we cannot guarantee that these efforts will totally protect an individual from disease or that individuals entering the premises have followed CDC and government guidelines related to COVID-19. Each person must make decisions about their own safety as well as that of the Grace community.

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