Scripture Passages for Palm Sunday – Easter Day

Set a time this week to read the scripture for the day together.  Maybe that time is during or after dinner; maybe it is over breakfast or as a mid-morning online-school break.  The readings appointed here capture the major events and themes of each day of Holy Week.


A PDF of this information is available here.


Adults, Teens, and Spark! Bible Readers:

Palm Sunday:  Matthew 21:1-11

Holy Monday: Matthew 18:1-5

Holy Tuesday: Matthew 26:47-56

Holy Wednesday: Matthew 26:57-75

Maundy Thursday: John 13:1-17

Good Friday: John 19:1-30

Easter Vigil: Exodus 14:10-29* and John 20-1-18

Easter Sunday: Matthew 28:1-10


Spark Story Bible Readers

Read the Story and end with the “squiggles” activity or question. Some suggestions are below to expand what squiggles asks or suggests.


  • Palm Sunday: “Palm Sunday” page 454

            See “Remembering through Actions” in the Keeping a Holy Week at Home handout to                     capture the squiggles activity! 

  • Monday: “Whose the Greatest” page 324

  • Tuesday: “Jesus is Betrayed” page 468

  • Wednesday: “Christ the King” page 474

  • Maundy Thursday: “The Last Supper” page 462

            To expand the squiggles question, do something to show people you love them                               today.  Facetime with family or friends you can’t be with, or prepare a card to mail to                   them.

  • Good Friday: “The Day Jesus Died” page 476

            Talk about what makes you sad or afraid, especially in these days. Color the picture                       of Sad from Inside Out.  Say a prayer together asking God to calm your fears and take                   care of everyone who is sick.

  • Easter Vigil–“The Red Sea” page 84*

            In the church we remember our baptism when we are scared. Prepare a bowl of water.                Take turns dipping your fingers in it and making the sign of the cross on each other’s                    foreheads. Say “God is with you. Do not fear.”

  • Easter Sunday: “The Empty Tomb” page 483

            Make a newspaper and deliver it or “film” a newscast with good news! Share or post on                 social media!  #goodnews #notcancelled


*This scripture selection may seem out of order, but on the Great Vigil of Easter, we read stories from all of scripture about God showing up when the people are afraid and the future is unknown. The sea crossing is but one story in the collection, and yet a powerful way to understand what happens in our baptism—God provides a way where there is no way (through the waters!) to new life, salvation, and freedom for all.