Strategic Planning 2021-2022
Our congregation is currently engaged in a process of study, listening, and discernment as we plan for the next 3-5 years of ministry here. Join us in prayer on this journey: Gracious God, as we engage in strategic planning, guide us in discerning your will for this congregation, that we might continue to be your hands in the world. Amen.


Getting Started

A planning team is formed. They meet with local stakeholders, like schools. They create a survey for the congregation.


Survey Input

A survey goes out to everyone. An in-person session is held also. The planning team finds common goals.


Small Groups 

The planning team hosts small group meetings, asking folks for ways we can reach our goals.


The Plan 

The planning team drafts a plan. It is shared widely. There is a kick-off celebration.

Our Process (so far)

Click icon for a recap, list of goals, & summary of the survey results.

Listening Session

Sunday, February 27, 3-4:30pm

(Snow: March 6)

Social Hall - Masks optional

"What else do you wish the Team knew?"

The Plan

In progress...check back again!

Small Groups

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Five Goals

Click icon to read the 5 key goals that have emerged so far

Our Planning Team

Susan Ryder                                           Karen Galle                                             Susan Dickinson

Pastor Cover                                          Vicar Susan, Intern                                 Tom Blackburn

Wilson Castillo                                       Ann Hoffman                                           Randy Hamme

Barb Schell                                              Rick Keen                                                 Marti Bert

Jen Graf                                                    Nevin Shenck                                         Patty Rohde

Bob Hillegas                                            Jill Schumann, Facilitator                      Jesse Woodrow